Hi! I am Pitamber Singh 👋

Frontend Developer | React.js, Next.js, AMP, HTML, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript

About Me:

I am a passionate frontend developer with a solid foundation in React.js, HTML, CSS, WordPress, and JavaScript. My journey in web development has honed my skills in creating dynamic and visually appealing user interfaces. I excel in building scalable and efficient web applications with React.js, ensuring seamless user experiences.

Key Skills:

  • React.js: Expertise in building scalable, efficient web applications with seamless user experiences.
  • Next.js: Proficiency in leveraging Next.js for server-side rendering and static site generation to enhance performance and SEO.
  • HTML & CSS: Proficiency in creating responsive and aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • JavaScript: Strong command of JavaScript for dynamic and interactive web functionalities.
  • WordPress: Experience in developing custom themes and plugins to meet unique project requirements.
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): Skilled in creating fast-loading and mobile-optimized web pages using AMP.
  • Code Quality: Commitment to writing clean, well-structured code for maintainability and ease of collaboration.
  • UI/UX Design: Keen eye for detail and a focus on delivering high-quality, user-centric solutions.
  • Collaboration: Effective team player with strong problem-solving skills and a collaborative mindset.

Experience Highlights:

  • Developed numerous web applications using React.js, ensuring scalability and performance.
  • Crafted custom WordPress themes and plugins tailored to specific project needs.
  • Implemented responsive designs using HTML and CSS, enhancing user engagement.
  • Stayed updated with the latest industry trends to incorporate best practices in web development.

Personal Qualities:

  • Detail-Oriented: A keen eye for detail ensures high-quality deliverables.
  • Problem-Solver: Analytical and creative approach to solving complex challenges.
  • Continuous Learner: Dedication to staying ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
  • Team Player: Collaborative nature fostering positive and productive working environments.

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